General information
Hoogeveen Plants sells its hellebore, also known as Christmas rose, under the brand name; Hello, Helleborus ®, by Perfect Garden ®. We offer an affordable range from October till February. The Christmas Carol is our most popular variety. Because of the different pot sizes and grades we have a complete and segmented program for all types of retailers.

The origin
The Hellebore, or Christmas Rose, is originating from the mountains in the eastern Alps and belongs to the group of perennials. This is remarkable, because the Hellebore is an evergreen plant in contrast to most of the perennials. The older foliage is easy to prune and already after a year the Hellebore reaches its maximum height of about 50 cm. Special fact about this Christmas Rose is that this hardy and evergreen plant flowers year after year from November to February.


Our Elegrass range includes the following types:

  • Helleborus Niger
  • Helleborus Niger Christmas Carol
  • Helleborus Orientalis
  • Helleborus Argutifolius
  • Helleborus Sternii
  • Helleborus Foetidus

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