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New! Tasty Green fruit plants

Tasty Green, a new brand from Hoogeveen Plants. 

More than 30 varieties

100 % organically grown

Available in size P13, P19, P21 en P23

Skal certified (About Skal)

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Up Climbers Our Choice Retail Presentation; 1, 2, UP!

Many will know the frustrating feeling of seeing a beautiful climber in an even prettier garden. This is what you want for yourself as well! Unfortunately this is where most people will stop. They think it’s too difficult to grow a climber. Let alone maintain one! 

Luckily the Perfect Garden team came up with an easy consumer friendly solution. With the 1, 2 up do it yourself trellis it’s easy to create a colorful wall or fence. The package includes 2 extra trellises, 4 couplers and some screws. Now all you have to do is plant your climber, add an extra trellis, lead your plant and most important: enjoy! We can only offer this concept in combination with one of our exclusive climbers from the Our Choice selection such as the multi-blooming Clematis from Evison. You can recognize the Our Choice selection by the white pot and trellis.

Campsis Summer Jazz - Climbers

Campsis, also known as trumpet flower, is a much loved climbing plant. It flowers profusely in the summer and early autumn and brings a holiday atmosphere into your garden. The Campsis is commonly found in Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Italy. The Campsis is nevertheless very winter hardy and this will also suit our climate. Standard Campsis varieties grow too quickly for most garden lovers. This is why our team was so pleased to discover new varieties in the Summer Jazz series in Israel. Originally these come from Japan and they are beautiful! We cultivate them in three colours; yellow, orange and red. They stay nice and compact, flower profusely and are easy to maintain. They can even make a beautiful shrub in your garden!
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Pennisetum soorten met pluim - Elegrass

Pennisetum is een sierlijk gras, afkomstig van gematigd tot warme streken. Dankzij de compacte groei en rijke bloei is de soort een favoriet, die ook geschikt is voor in kleinere tuinen. Het gras dankt zijn naam aan de opvallende aren die tijdens de bloei boven de rest van de plant uitsteken. De naam Pennisetum slaat op de stoppelachtige ‘veren’ (aren).

De bloeiperiode verschilt per soort. Gemiddeld zijn de bloeiaren tussen juli en oktober. Deze bloeiaren blijven maandenlang mooi en verkleuren in de herfst van groenwit naar goudgeel. Vooral het lampenpoetsersgras (Pennisetum Hameln) bloeit zeer rijkelijk en lang.
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