General information
Hoogeveen Plants sells its climbers under the brand name; Up Climbers ®, by Perfect Garden ®. We grow our climbers in various pot sizes. This allows us to offer a complete and segmented program. In addition to the regular, year round available programs we are putting more and more focus on selling climbers through the JIT (just in time) principle. In the case of climbers it means to sell them when they are at their best; with buds and flowers.

The consumer of today is more impulse-oriented and looking for flowering plants. With our visual program we offer this customer ready solutions for garden, terrace or balcony. UP Climbers offers the finest and best climbers available on the market. At UP climbers we find that a garden without climbers isn’t a real garden. This makes sense, because after all, everyone has space for one.

Whether you’re looking to give colour to a bare bush or hide an ugly wall or rain pipe, a climbing plant is the perfect solution and it requires hardly any space! As there are so many different varieties of climbing plants, there is something for every garden, be it rustic or modern. Treat your garden to a sea of flowers, or a wash of green in winter.

Vines are back! Vertical gardening is very trendy and urban gardening is getting more attention as well. Big advantage of a climbing plant is that they are applicable in many ways and they hardly use any space. While still quickly grow up to a couple of meters. This gives visual depth in your garden, but also on balcony or patio.

There are many different climbing plants.



Besides the visual program, we are always looking for innovations and improvements on our current product range. All new varieties we test fist on one of our production sites. Only when the variety seems to be sincerely better than any old one we will replace it. Our range of climbers includes the following types:

  • Blauwe Regen (Wisteria)
  • Bosrank (Clematis)
  • Kamperfoelie (Lonicera)
  • Klimhortensia (Hydrangea)
  • Klimop (Hedera)
  • Klimroos (Rosa)
  • Passiebloem (Passiflora)
  • Trompetbloem (Campsis)
  • Wilde Wingerd (Parthenocissus)
  • Winterjasmijn (Jasminum)

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